Successful IT Leaders, whether formal or informal, must have the right mix of technical skills and emotional intelligence as well as a desire to continue learning.  They help create long term vision, understand the people around them and their company culture and have a commitment to their community. All of these lead to happy employees, solid company results and notable contributions to our community at large. The IT Leadership Institute is a formal 10-month leadership training program developed specifically for IT professionals.  This program is designed to help each participant understand themselves, how they appear to others, what their leadership style is and how to build teams within the IT profession.
  • Delegate Smartly
  • Effective Leadership
  • Share Goals
  • Develop Plans
  • Create Vision
  • Resolve Conflict
  • 8:00 – 12:00 one day per month starting in October – no session in December
  • Topics Include:
    • The Essence of Leadership
    • Community Project Planning
    • Technology Leadership: Why is it Unique?
    • Is Management for Me?
    • Transformational Leadership: Vision & Strategy
    • Transactional Leadership: Delivering the Goods
    • IT Budgeting/Financials
    • Relational Leadership: The Business of People
    • Higher Order Leadership: Leading other Leaders
    • HR/Interviewing Tips and Career Management/Networking
  • Each session will have an IT leader present to share their perspective on the topic.
  • Peer-to-peer discussions in a vendor-free environment


  • Participant agrees to attend 8 of the 10 sessions in order to receive their Certification of Completion
  • Participant and their manager will be asked to sign a “Commitment” document.
  • Participant agrees to work with their cohort members outside of scheduled sessions to develop a community project that will help others in the IT community.
  • Participant will have 2-4 hours of “homework” between each session.

Through ITLI I’ve learned so much about myself and how to rise to the unique challenges of Technology Leadership. The classes have pushed me to think beyond the daily fires to how I can be a force for transformation for my company and for others. Not only am I becoming a better leader, but I’m also improving my networking skills and making what I hope will be lasting connections with fellow members of my cohort. Rebekah Wilks

2024-2025 Cohort is NOW OPEN! Dates and venue are still being determined. Start date will likely be first or second Thursday in October. Stay tuned.

  • 10/10/2024 – Kickoff
  • 11/14/2024
  • 1/9/2025
  • 2/13/2025
  • 3/13/2025
  • 4/10/2025
  • 5/8/2025
  • 6/12/2025
  • 7/10/2025
  • 8/14/2025 

Program Cost: $3,000

For additional information, please contact [email protected]