The Circuit is proud to announce the launch of the Tech Trailblazer Scholarship program, aimed at supporting and empowering aspiring individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in Information Technology (IT). This scholarship seeks to recognize and reward exceptional talent, dedication, and innovation within the IT industry.

Scholarship Details:

The Tech Trailblazer Scholarship is designed to assist individuals who are entering the IT field.  This scholarship aims to alleviate financial burdens and enable recipients to focus on their education and personal growth in the IT field.

Scholarship(s) will be a minimum of $2,000 but may be more depending on contributions. Final amounts will be determined prior to award announcement. Scholarship Disbursement: Upon selection, the scholarship funds will be presented to the winner(s) at a Circuit event.

The Tech Trailblazer Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for individuals who aspire to excel in the IT field. Through this scholarship, The Circuit aims to foster innovation, empower future leaders, and contribute to the growth and advancement of the IT industry thus raising the IT IQ in our region. We encourage all eligible applicants to apply and join us in shaping the future of technology.


This scholarship is open to three distinct groups:

1. High School Students: Are you a high school students with a passion for technology? This scholarship is your chance to take your interest in IT to the next level.

2. U.S. Veterans: We honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans by providing them with opportunities to pursue rewarding careers in IT.

3. Career Transitioners: Are you looking to make a career switch into the dynamic field of Information Technology? This scholarship is designed to support individuals like you in making a successful transition.

Application Details:

Mark your calendars! The application for the Tech Trailblazer Scholarship will open March 1st. Don’t miss out on this chance to invest in the future and unlock exciting opportunities in the local IT sector. Click Here to Apply!


How can you support? The Circuit hosts the Tech Takeover event three times a year. These are open to the public and typically at a brewery where you can come out, enjoy some drinks, network with local IT professionals and donate to the Tech Trailblazer Scholarship. To donate, you can scan the QR code to donate via Venmo or click the “Donate Here” button and donate via PayPal. Once you scan the QR code, it will ask you to login to your Venmo account to “Pay this Business.” 

Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in the lives of aspiring IT professionals in Cincinnati, OH. Together, we can remove financial barriers and empower individuals to pursue rewarding careers in the IT industry. Join us in shaping the future of IT in Cincinnati

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